Installing Subway Tiles Backsplash in your Kitchen

A DIY process of installing subway tiles in the home can be a lot of fun. Imagine having to install a new set of subway tiles as a backsplash in your kitchen. It creates a brand new environment, doesn’t it? Meanwhile, the process is not as easy as it sounds, but if you put in the expected effort with the right tips, you can arrive at the reality of your dream.

Subway tiles in backsplashes depict the ‘holy grail’ of kitchen decorations. On a general note, subway tiles are classic, affordable, and show various unique kitchen styles. You can also add a layer of creativity to your design by creating a stunning beauty with subway tiles. On the other hand, you can also lay them very subtlely to highlight the ends. Visit to read more about Subway tiles.

Therefore, below are uncommon tips to install modern subway tiles in your kitchen as a backsplash.

Installing Subway Tiles Backsplash in your Kitchen

Classic Subway Tiles

Your first option to classic kitchen decoration with subway tiles is the traditional pattern and design. For a start, subway tiles create a fantastic combination with all possible colors of cabinetry. Moreover, if your kitchen had been in all fancy colors, white subway tiles complete the magic. On the other hand, if your kitchen is primarily white, you can create extra colors with the subway tiles. 

Add new Accessories

Subway tiles create extra beauty for all the available pairs of materials you may have in mind. Meanwhile, other accessories in their various shapes and sizes can also enhance the output of your kitchen collection. So, note that subway tiles always look beautiful irrespective of the material you combine with them. Moreover, a spacious kitchen has its advantages when thinking of some of the items to combine. Therefore, if you manage to have all the things in their proper places, you would have created one of the fascinating canvas. In addition, good lighting brings out the beauty of your subway tiles. 

How about some colored grout

While installing subway tiles, it is not compulsory to use plain white grout. You can further make an obsessive beauty out of your kitchen design if you add some black. Meanwhile, the black and white combination of grout and tiles can be perfect for even restaurants. Moreover, if you can get brass accessories, including tapware, you can lift off the whole picture. In addition, a little more space in the environment can enhance your choices. In other words, the black grout on white subway tiles can stand out with deep contrast. 

Create the Herringbone pattern

The herringbone pattern is another way to make the installation of your subway tiles attractive. It is hardly possible to pass by such a design in the kitchen and not take a second look. No matter how long you have seen ordinary subway patterns, the herringbone style remains very eye-catching. Moreover, when you add some dark grout to the edges, you can make it a focal point of the entire room. Consequently, a neutral kitchen can come alive with subway tiles arranged in the herringbone pattern.

Lay the Chevron Style

You may wonder if one can arrange subway tiles in the herringbone way; why not in the Chevron pattern. Then, you are correct. The first time saw the subway tiles in the chevron pattern was online. So, I decided to suggest it in a project, and it came out just fine. Moreover, the chevron style of laying subway tiles can create a feminine feel. At the same time, the rest of the kitchen can enhance the focal point of the kitchen space with tremendous dimension. 

Installing Subway Tiles Backsplash in your Kitchen

Be colorful

Do not be caught in the assumption that only white subway tiles exist; wait until you see other colors. Moreover, the combination of these unique colors with the classic cabinet can bring out its beauty. On the other hand, a deep blue-colored kitchen proves that anything can work if we consider it. Although, modern designs always look sophisticated. Nevertheless, you can hardly deny its uniqueness and flair at all times. 

Dare to go vertical

You have seen enough of horizontally arranged subway tiles, which can be very dull, I bet. Nevertheless, wait until you see a non-traditional arrangement of subway tiles in the vertical form. The first time I saw this arrangement, I could not hide my feelings about the beauty I saw. Moreover, it would help to trayed out the vertical pattern when setting your subway tiles as the kitchen backsplash. The output is a clean and crisp line in a modern kitchen. 

Small kitchens are no excuse for Subway tiles.

You may not always have all the space in the world to work your favorite subway tiles. Nevertheless, who says you need a lot of room for subway tiles? Many designers have proven that a kitchen with a small space can get you into the correct position. Mainly, I have witnessed the arrangement in a cozy but vintage farmhouse environment. Combining these effects is a classic choice that can make a focal point in your home interior. 

Try a Beveled Edge

You can also add a beveled edge with the subway tiles to create an extra twist. Meanwhile, the rest of the kitchen can also become both classic and modern at the same time. Similarly, it can add a layer of surprise through the best kitchen texture. At the same time, the subway tiles can also further enhance an understated cabinet. 

Subway Tiles are perfect for Pops of Color.

Another undeniable way to use subway tiles is to make colorful backsplash on a blank canvas. Meanwhile, if you prefer to mix things up a bit, you should try out a color palette of compatible choices. In the end, using this combination on the kitchen backsplash can be the choice you need to make. 

Installing Subway Tiles Backsplash in your Kitchen


The subway tiles in your kitchen are a way to make a statement in your home interior, especially the kitchen. This display is eye-catching and can work with dark grout to create unforgettable looks. Finally, you can depend on Tile and Bath Co to meet your need for all the materials you need for an astonishing beauty.